FeAr Free Certified

What Does It Mean?

What To Expect

Unless it is medically inappropriate, we will be giving lots of treats to your pet during the visit. This helps your pet associate vet visits with positive experiences and helps to keep stress levels lower. Bringing your pet in hungry for the appointment can help this process. Please be sure to mention any food allergies your pet may have.


We tend to let the pet choose where the examination takes place. This may be on the floor, in your lap, on the sofa in the exam room, or even outside. We will go where your pet goes to make him/her more comfortable during the appointment. We take our time with each pet - we all know that rushing through appointments increases stress levels.


We encourage all of our patients to come by for “happy visits”. Happy visits are short visits where your pet will get lots of love and treats, and then can leave without any negative experiences happening during that visit. This further helps associate a visit to the vet with only positive experiences so he/she looks forward to coming to the vet.

The team at Townsend Animal Clinic is proud to be Blount County’s first and only Fear Free Certified® Practice!


All of our team members are Fear Free Certified® Professionals, which means we are dedicated to caring for your pet’s emotional and physical wellbeing. We infuse special calming chemicals, know as pheromones, throughout our practice, and apply them to towels and bandanas for your pet to enjoy. We play relaxing music throughout the practice to aid in stress reduction for your pet. Our exam room are stocked with toys and treats, as well as cozy furniture for you and your pet to enjoy.



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